Once we arrive at the venue it normally takes about an hour to set up. We then complete a safety and a sound check.

We require a minimum of 3 x 13amp outlets dedicated purely to our equipment.

Yes we do!

P.A.T. stands for Portable Appliance Testing. Electrical equipment that has been PAT tested has been verified safe for use and without any dangerous faults.

PLI stands for Public Liability Indemnity Insurance. We carry 10 Million Pounds worth of public liability indemnity insurance so that if the very unlikely event that any accidents may happen as a result of an action on our part, you will not have to cover any damages, no matter how big or small.

As professionals we wouldn’t even dream of not having these, but it is a scary fact that many DJ’s out there do not hold valid PAT & PLI.

We are more that happy to provide your venue with the necessary documentation, so that they may verify our cover.

The equipment that we use at Bliss Wedding DJ is flexible so can be put pretty much anywhere.

The DJ booth is about 6ft wide and the speakers are placed each side of the booth on speaker stands.