5 genius ways to save money on your wedding!

Is your wedding budget spiralling out of control? Check out our 5 genius ideas to help you cut your wedding costs without sacrificing style.

The chances are that there’s something you’re dreaming about having for your wedding day that some would consider being just a little teensy bit over the top.

Maybe it’s a statement flower wall to rival Kim & Kanye’s infamous crazy wall of blooms or maybe a diamond tiara worthy of a beautiful princess, but the problem is, all of that stuff is really expensive so we’ve come up a few ideas to help you save money on your wedding.

1/ Consider other days of the week

Traditionally, everyone gets married on a Saturday, but don’t forget there are six other days in the week and you could save some serious money just by changing to a Sunday, or a Monday. Venues always offer big discounts if you’re not looking to get married at the weekend and you could also make savings on rooms for guests who want to stay over.

2/ Seek out up and coming photographers

The cost to have a professional photographer at your wedding can vary widely from several hundred to over three thousand pounds or more! One way to save some money is to seek out fresh, local talent and social media like Facebook or Instagram is a great place to look. With photography, you either have that “eye” or you don’t and with advances in digital camera technology, the new generation of photographers can come up with unique styles that you may not have seen before.

3/ Banish Boutonnières!

A Boutonniere is the small buttonhole decoration worn on the lapel of a suit jacket, and they’re certainly not cheap. As a DJ, we’re always around right at the very end of the party, and as we’re packing down, we just see them everywhere left on the tables and on the floor. That’s money YOU have spent and whilst they look nice, you may want to consider a small pocket-handkerchief instead, cheaper, just as classy and you can even personalise them as a nice keepsake for the gents in the bridal party!

4/ Downsize your cake

If you don’t really fancy a typical three-tiered wedding cake then the good news is that you don’t have to have one! Save money by going for a simple, smaller cake. Again, as with the boutonniere’s above, at the end of the night, we see plates of cake all around the venue so not having a big cake is much less-wasteful and better on your pocket too. Instead of a cake, maybe consider a doughnut tower. They don’t need to be Krispy Kreme’s, just get down to your local supermarket and get their basic jam, custard and chocolate-filled ones, stack them all up around a cardboard tube and we absolutely promise you, those doughnuts will disappear because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a doughnut? We saw this once at a wedding, all one hundred doughnuts disappeared within thirty minutes, and the cost? Just £10.00. Bargain!

5/ Save up all those Tesco Clubcard points!

A lot of people don’t know that you can convert your Tesco Clubcard vouchers into ones you can use at jewellers like Goldsmiths. The best bit though is that the value of those vouchers triple as well, so a £10 Clubcard voucher is worth £30! This is a great way of saving money on your wedding by just doing your weekly shop at Tesco. Every little helps!

We really hope you like these ideas. If you think of any more please get in touch to let us know! You can call us on 07798 711090, email us directly at info@blissweddingdj.com or you can use our short contact form if you prefer.


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