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Bliss Wedding DJWhen booking a Wedding DJ, it is not unusual to have a few questions about aspects of the entire process. After all, not all DJ's operate the same and many do not even provide a written confirmation that you have booked them, or do not even provide receipts for any payments you have made.

It is for these reasons that we have included this FAQ, so that you may be sure of what takes place when you decide to book your wedding entertainment with us.


Q. I like the look of your service, what is my first step?

To enquire about booking us for you wedding, first contact us - either by phone, email, or by submitting an online enquiry. We will then provide you with a no-obligation quotation (usually via email) tailored to your specifications. The quotation is entirely free and is for your information only, at this time you haven't actually committed to book us.

If we don't already have enough information to provide you with a quotation, don't worry, we won't forget you - we will contact you using the details you have provided and let you know what it is that we need.


Q. OK, I've received my free, no-obligation quotation - what next?

Once you have received you quotation, and if you have decided you do wish to book, the next step is very simple.

Simply contact us via phone or email informing us of your decision. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have so far. Once you have given us permission, we will then enter your details into our system and provide you with a written booking confirmation (once again, usually via email). A copy of this booking confirmation will need to be signed and returned to us (along with a mutually agreed deposit). At this stage your booking with us is confirmed, and you can rest-assured that your date is concrete and that you have everything in writing.


Q. That was easy enough! What now?

At this point you are not actually required to take any further action, but many people like to start using our planner to make their song requests and choose the accompaniment for that ever important first-dance. This is simple, when you confirmed your booking with us we will have sent you all the details to need to log on to your own personal planner and start making requests.


Q. My wedding venue requires something called P.A.T and P.L.I... Do you have this?

Yes we do!

P.A.T. stands for Portable Appliance Testing. Electrical equipment that has been PAT tested has been verified safe for use and without any dangerous faults.

PLI stands for Public Liability Indemnity Insurance. We carry 10 Million Pounds worth of public liability indemnity insurance so that if the very unlikely event that any accidents may happen as a result of an action on our part, you will not have to cover any damages, no matter how big or small.

As professionals we wouldn't even dream of not having these, but it is a scary fact that many DJ's out there do not hold valid PAT & PLI.

We are more that happy to provide your venue with the necessary documentation, so that they may verify our cover.

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